Vehicle Lifts


2 Post Lifts come in three main configurations, two-post base lift, 2 post base free lift and true 2 post asymmetrical lift, all offering environment benefits. The car lifts are electro hydraulic with safety cables, which is safer and more reliable than the older spindle type lift. We offer 220V or 380V configurations, we prefer as standard 220V motors, providing the same performance, saving on electricity and installation costs. The lifts can come with manual locks to save you money and durability. Lifting capacity is 4000kg


Offering a variety of features and functions, serving either as a 4 post service lift, for the DIY enthusiast or as an innovative space saving storage solution in professional showrooms our range of four-post lifts are perfectly designed to meet all requirements. 4 post lifts are commonly used for exhaust repairs and replacements, as the car ride height is true, inspections and chassis washing. We offer parking lifts which are ideal for increasing your capacity in double parking. Lifting capacity ranges from 3200kg to 5500kg.


With the countless number of vehicles on the roads today, advanced lifts are required to ensure that the 3D Wheel Alignment process is carried out with optimum performance to ensure maximum profit and time saving. We offer vehicle alignment lifts to suit many configurations: on ramp alignment, limited space alignment, in pit alignment, 4 post lift alignment conversions and alignment scissor lifts. With millions of vehicles on South African roads there is a substantial earning potential in one of the most profitable automotive industry services. Every automotive repair shop should consider the amount of tyres going in and out of their shop a day and capitalise on this return. 3D Alignment and all the service work around this industry can be easily incorporated into your business making it a true game changer.


SnapTech mid-rise scissor lifts are an excellent choice for utilising minimal space, ideal for busy tyre shops and useful either in a full-service bay, quick oil changes, detailing or even the home enthusiast that is wanting to increase service capabilities and speed up work flow. Mid-rise lifts can be movable or permanent and offer space-conscious alternatives to larger vehicle lifts.


The Warranties on our lifts are not your average 1 year like most others. We have extensive warranties in place which cover multiple years.  Our quality promise is an unmatched commitment to serve the customer with high level and prompt aftersales services from trained technicians. We carry spares and accessories for all our lifts for faster more effective and professional turn around times. Offering better value and peace of mind. Our premium lifts come with a 5 Years Structure – 2 Years for Hydraulic Components – 1 Year Electrical Parts warranty.


Equiptech Automotive strives to keep up with the latest global market developments and trends to confirm that we are offering the best equipment possible at the most affordable prices. The lifts we offer go through advanced research and development to outperform other brands on the market. improving product quality, Design and features. Our lifts are incorporating technology like CNC laser cutting, CNC drilling and Robotic Welding in their manufacturing process.


We have taken the upmost pride in selecting approved brands of vehicle lifts. We have personally visited the factories and checked on the quality of the lifting equipment manufacturing process. Extensively testing the product before launching it into our market ensures quality and durability meet a high standard. The lifts were also inspected by premium oil refinery engineers and passed the required standards.