Launch X431 PRO 3S

LAUNCH X431 PRO 3S with optional HD module has similar specs to its brother X431 PRO, it has more features, faster, more memory, better battery life, and has an option to support heavy duty vehicles. Some of the features include wide vehicle function, quick testing, VIN scanning, online repair resourcing, one-click updates and an abundance of special functions. The Launch X431 3S includes golo business manager which integrates instant messaging and remote diagnosis, which is a new feature released on this tool.

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LAUNCH X431 PRO 3S Super Diagnostic Tool.

The Launch X431 3S is the new advanced diagnostic fault tool similar to the Launch X431 S except it has improved specs, supports an optional HD module and supports both commercial and heavy duty vehicles. Launch  automotive fault diagnostic technology includes wide vehicle model coverage, powerful function, accurate test data and an abundance of special features. Moreover the best existing diagnostic tool, the Pro 3 can read and clear DTC’s, support the matching, program modules for majority vehicles, like battery, brake and oil etc. and provides online repair resources along with one-click updates to provide a quick access to software updates. This tool has been designed to connect and communicate through wireless networks between DLC and smart mobile terminals. The new Golo business feature which provides a built-in social network service that enables you to connect to a community for help, interacts with customers, increases customer retention and gains more leads. The Pro 3 is compatible with cars manufactured in Europe, USA and Asia

Launch Diagnostic scan tool


Launch releases over 1000 major software updates per year and has a team of over 800 developers – One of the many reasons this tool is a market leader.

Its not surprising with this amount of development that the functionality of the product is super strong and you can enjoy being able do various functions like:

Fault code reading, Live data streaming, Adaptations, Programming, Coding, Basic settings,  Adjustments and advanced diagnostics.

The functionality of this tool just screams power house!


  • Supports the matching, coding and special programmable modules
  • Wide vehicle coverage, over 100 vehicles world-wide
  • Multi-point touch screen
  • Quick test and one-click to clear DTC
  • VIN scanning both automatic and manual input
  • Online repair and one-click online updates
  • ECU coding
  • Golo business
  • Access to live data streams
  • Live data recording & multiple graphing
  • Wireless communication and connection


  • Main unit
  • A selection of connectors
  • Test Cable
  • Accessories which include:
  • Clipper fuse 5’20mm
  • 2x Adapters (USA & EU)
  • Manual
  • Quick start




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