Eucleia TabScan S8 PRO

Tabscan S8 Pro is powered by Eucleia’s lightning fast quad-core processor with innovative DoIP technology that achieves 100M high-speed diagnostic communication. The combination of the S8 tablet and the T6 Pro VCI runs faster than any other diagnostic devices, offering more comprehensive, deeper and newer DoIP diagnosis.

Extraordinary Diagnostic Performance

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Eucleia TabScan S8 PRO

TabScan S8 PRO is an innovative high-end diagnostic scanner that combines third party diagnostics also know as multi-brand diagnostics and J2524 and PDU programming.

The TabScan S8 PRO achieves multi-purpose, multi-connection with its POWERFUL dual-mode vehicle diagnosis.

With the TabScan S8 PRO you will have a new diagnostic experience that offers state of the art technology at an affordable cost, making the TabScan S8 PRO the best choice for workshops.

Tabscan S8 Pro

Innovative Functions

The TabScan S8 PRO has DoIP technology that perfectly adapts with PATHFINDER (Land Rover, Jaguar) BMW, Benz and many more versions of OEM diagnostic software.

TabScan S8 PRO supports J2534, PDU, RJ45, Voltage-Programming etc…

The tool is lightning fast and leaves other brands looking like yesterdays newspaper. It is in fact the fastest diagnostic tool we know of and spec for spec its shames anything in its path – offering extraordinary diagnostic performance.


  • Rk3288 tablet solution: Cortex-A17 1.8GHz CPU ,Faster Booting in 10 Seconds, Fast Loading Apps Without Delay, Webpage Speedy Loading
  • Extending J2534:  More PDU  protocols and access were added,support programing voltage
  • Unique patent: Intelligent searching patent, tenfold faster than normal diagnosis
  • Humanity button: Real-time voltage and connection dispaly, one-click reading VIN code
  • Convenient application: Provide PCBU  Query, remote assistance, workshop management and other convenient  service
  • Easier assistance: Feedbacks automatically send to server which makes service easier


  • Diagnosis function: Read and clear DTC, live data, active test, ECU information, freeze frame etc.
  • Service functions: ABS Bleeding, EPB Reset, Service Reset, CKP Learning, Throttle Reset,  SAS   Reset, Battery Reset, CVT Reset, TPMS, etc.
  • Coding function: Brush hiding functions (VW, Audi, Skoda,Seat and constantly adding)
  • System functions: The system also includes the most recent auto-VIN technology that identifies vehicles with one touch and exclusive auto-scan function. One-click clear DTCs
  • Intelligent features: one-click update, data record and replay, workshop manager, database query, repair video research, vehicle data manager, etc.

Combined more Diagnostic Modes and get more accurate solutions!


Compatible SAE-J2534-1 & SAE-J2534-2

ISO-9141 K-Line      ISO-14230 K-Line      ISO-15765 K-Line      ISO-11898      DWCAN      SAE-J1850-VPW(GM Class2)      SAE-J1850-PWM(FORD SCP)      SAE-J2411 Single Wire CAN(GMLAN)      SAE-J2610 SCI(Chrysler)      SAE-J2740 GM ALDL      SAE-J2809 (HONDA DIAG-H)      VAG TP16 CAN      VAG TP20 CAN(SAE J2819)      VAG KW81(SAE J2818)      BMW DS2      FORD UBP




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