Techno Vector 7202 – 3D

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Techno Vector 3D wheel aligners are designed to take measurements and make adjustments on steerable and unsteerable axles of cars and can be installed in automotive companies, tire shops, car service stations, automotive manufacturing plants, diagnostic centers.

The wheel aligner performs measurements by observing high-precision image targets, that are placed on the vehicle. It calculates their precise positions in 3D space and using simple procedures, such as compensation and measurement, calculates all the wheel alignment angles.

** Excludes lift.

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Techno Vector 7202 – 3D

TechnoVector Wheel Aligners with 3D and WideScope technologies

TechnoVector 3D is a new generation of wheel aligners that includes all the latest innovations and technologies.

Machine vision system includes 2 cameras.

The key advantage is the WideScope technology which is unique in the world.

Thanks to WideScope the operational range of the heights of the lift is twice as big as that of similar wheel aligners produced by other manufacturers.

Measurements can be performed at the floor level*.


Key features

Number of cameras2 stationary cameras
Camera type5 MPix machine vision industrial cameras, RAW
Mounting typeFloor-mount. T-shaped pillar
Cabinet typeV-series
ApplicabilityLift or Pit
Distance from cameras to the center of front turn tables1500-2500mm, recommended distance 2200mm
Main advantages
  • 2-camera configuration is sufficient to organize a wheel alignment post on any pit;
  • Set of 5Mpix cameras allows a better use of the aligner on the lift*;
  • Does not need calibration and allows you to start working right after installation**.


The computer-based wheel alignment system is a measuring device designed to control basic parameters of axis positions in any types of motor cars with 12″ to 24″ rims.

TechnoVector 7 is designed to take measurements and make adjustments on steerable and unsteerable wheels in automotive companies, car service stations, auto sales centers and dealer diagnostic centers.

The device allows measuring the following basic parameters:

  • Front and rear axle:
    • total and individual toe angles;
    • camber angles;
    • wheel set-back;
    • axis symmetry angles.
  • Front axle (steerable wheels):
    • caster angle;
    • SAI/KPI.

Tech Specs

ParameterMeasurement RangeMaximum
error in measurement
error in measurement
Front Wheel Alignment
Front Total Toe+/-5º+/-3′+/-2′
Lock Angle+/-45º+/-10′+/-5′
Rear Wheel Alignment
Rear Total Toe+/-5º+/-3′+/-2′
Rear Individual Toe+/-2,5º+/-3′+/-2′
Symmetry Angles
Front Set Back+/-2,5º+/-3′+/-2′
Rear Set Back+/-2,5º+/-3′+/-2′
Thrust Angle+/-2,5º+/-3′+/-2′
Geometrical Driving Axis+/-2,5º+/-3′+/-2′


Voltage, W220 +/- 10%
Frequency, Hz50/60
Wheel Adapter (clamping arm) Mounting Range, in.12 ÷  24
Operating Temperature, oC+10 ÷ +35
Power Consumption350
Net Weight, kg280
Gross Weight, kg390
Volume, m31,7
Number of Packages7
Climatic category of the Device according to GOST (All-Union State Standard)GOST 15150-69

Wide Scope

Key features of the WideScope technology :

  • The range of working heights of the lift is up to twice as much as similar wheel aligners of other companies.The 4-camera wheel aligner makes it possible to take measurements and make adjustments on the lift from the alignment height (1700 mm) to the floor level without using any camera displacement mechanisms, stairs and stands.The 2-camera wheel aligner makes it possible to take measurements and make adjustments on the lift in the range of lift heights of 900-1700* mm from the floor level.
  • Minimum distance (from 1200 mm) from camera units to the lift or pit in comparison to similar wheel aligners of other companies.Minimum requirements for the size of the workshop – 6550 mm.
  • Long-range capability video camera housings can be installed at a long distance. It is especially important for wall-mount configurations when the wall is far from the workplace (3-4 meters).
  • Operation can be carried out even when the target image is partially closed or damaged!

* depends on the distance of the camera housing placement

Camera vision range diagrams for the WideScope TechnoVector wheel aligners

TechnoVector 7204 installation range

* – for wall-mount configuration (type K).
** – camera characteristics differ for 1200-2550mm range and 2550-3500 mm range, if the distance is more than 2550, the measuring height increases.

TechnoVector 7202 installation range

* – wheel aligner camera makes it possible to take measurements on the floor level without using any camera displacement mechanisms, stairs and stands if the distance L is more than 2700mm.

3D Software

Techno Vector 3D Software Features

3D Visualization

  • Compensation screen
  • The software features an animated 3D model of a generic car chassisThe wheels are positioned according to measured values of toe, camber and caster The adjustment mode features several views: for each wheel, for each axle, general view, geometry view and a 2D mode3D gauges are displayed on the screen during the adjustment. They allow a better visualization of measured wheel alignment valuesAll the information on the screen is updated live in 3DPrint-outs generated by the software can also include 3D rendered images illustrating positions of wheels before and after the adjustment

Cutting edge technology

  • Adjustment screen – Main view
  • Extremely fast refresh rate of the measured values. Cameras can shoot up to 40 frames per second and the software keeps up with themDetects partially occluded targets*Multiple pass target detection allows working at extremely bright workspacesMultithreaded architecture utilizes all the capabilities of modern multi-core processorsDPI-independent software scales correctly on every modern display including 4K monitors**Fast transition time. All the screens are preloaded at the start to ensure that there are no pauses while navigating.Extensive car model database is also preloaded right when the software starts and provides instant response time when searching or navigating


  • Measurement screen

  • The software employs all the modern techniques to improve the precision of calculating targets positions in 3-dimensional spaceMultiframe smoothing reduces data instability due to vibrations, lighting conditions, yet swiftly reacts to any bigger changesThe software can automatically detect lift movement during adjustment and correct the live values if the lift skews at the adjustment heightTwo measurement coordinate systems are supported: calibrated horizon and vehicle plane*Hanging wheels mode allows adjusting car parameters with wheels jacked or turned to ease the adjustment.* Horizon measurement is unavailable on non-stationary wheel aligners


  • Adjustment screen – 2D view

  • Intuitive workflow that utilizes only four buttons at the bottom of the screenHelpful images are shown to remind the aligner technician of actions that need to be performedThe software stores all orders and all measurements. They can be reviewed at any time.The software stores history of all calibrations. The results can be reviewed at any time.All the navigation through most of the software can be done using hotkeys on remote control or the keyboardWeb-camera support allows to display web-camera feed in main menu to help the driver to position the vehicle on the workplace.Multiple settings allow to fine tune the behaviour of the softwares interface. Possible options include:

    Print-out setup allows to select one of two templates and to set up texts and logos as well as several other useful options

    Automatic transitions are available where possible. For example, the software automatically detects when the compensation starts and proceeds to the next step.

    The user can select default modes for compensation, measurement or adjustment

    Several other fine-tuning for adjustment, compensation and measurement modes


  • Model selection screen

  • Contains more than 40000 vehiclesVehicle entries contain information, images and videos on identification and preparatory procedures and on how to adjust camber, toe and other valuesFree database updatesAllows to add an unlimited amount of custom models and to export/import them (especially good for brand-new car models and for markets with local car manufacturers not yet present in our database)


  • Report screen

  • Statistics screen displays valuable information about wheel aligners productivity: how many adjustment were made over a given period, what was the average adjustment time, etc.Tire pressure tables are available for most of the models in the databaseEasily export order data to Excel or other e-table software with ‘Export to CSV’ function ASA Network support.The TechnoVector 3D software works with Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.



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