Launch BST 860 Battery Tester

R2,701.80 EX VAT

The BST 860 is a Handheld Battery tester that can accurately test multiple types of batteries in seconds. It has a built-in thermal printer and can print charging, starting, Ripple and Voltage reports. It is essential for effectively testing batteries.



The New system with integrated thermal printer offers a complete solution for testing various types of batteries and related electrical systems. It tests ripple detection, Battery test, Starter test, Charging system test and voltage test.

It’s a compact handheld design with a large LCD display with a very easy to use interface. It is mainly used to pick up problems with vehicle batteries but can work on the majority of 6V, 12V and 24V batteries. The test eliminates any guessing of whether its just a flat battery or if it needs replacement. Results are within seconds of starting the test

No need to remove the battery before testing, the whole test can be done with the battery in place to save time and effort.


Built-in thermal printer

USB port to export service records

A variety of applicable vehicle types, battery types and calibration systems

Large screen with backlight and user-friendly interface

The potential problem of vehicles can be detected in advance

The battery and circuit system can be detected simultaneously

The battery test results are quick and accurate (within 3 Sec.)

No heating, no discharge, no spark, no operating risks

Support Automatic temperature compensation function

Available to batch inspection of batteries by testing continuously and repeatedly

Support multiple languages menu

Results of the battery test: ‘Good’ or ‘To replace’

Displays available CCA

State of charge percentage

In vehicle testing capability

Applicable Uses

Cars, motorcycles, lawn mowers and other gardening machines, Group 31, commercial vehicles 4D/8D, Gate and Alarm batteries etc

Applicable Battery Types

6V, 12 V and 24V batteries (Lead-acid battery, gel battery and AGM battery)

Test Range

CCA    100~2000

DIN      100~1400

EN       100~2000

IEC      100~1400

SAE     100~2000

JIS        26A17~245H52

CA       100~2000

MCA    100~2000

BCI      100~2000

GB       30Ah~200Ah

Key Features

Display: 4-line graphic LCD display with backlight

Working Temperature: -18~50℃

Dimension: 188x95x41mm

Case Material: ABS acid-proof plastic, industrial case design, suitable for repair workshops

Test Cable: 80 mm standard cable

Weight: 450g