Hauvrex HW9620

R26,845.00 EX VAT

HW 9620 Fully Automatic wheel Balancer

The HW9620 is a Premium fully automatic wheel balancer with sonar technology allowing you to work efficiently with rapid results with automatic data entry to minimise the risk of operator error. This balancer has all the high-end features required for todays modern mag wheels yet will not break the bank.



HW9620 | Wheel Balancer


♦ Optimized automatically bidirectional locating, locking and fixing point braking function, simple to use.
♦ Sonar rim width measuring gauge.
♦ Automatic measurement gauge for rim width and distance, forever precise digital gauge, no need to calibrate out of factory.
♦ Precise phase angle location, error less than +/- 1 and easy accurate laser marker.
♦ According to the need, counterweight position and laser indicator can shift from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock randomly, convenient to wash and stick inside wheel hub.
♦ Apply user-friendly ring-shaped LED light to measuring and attaching process.

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Hauvrex HW9620

HW96xx Manual