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HW9000 is a cost-effective wheel balancer that is compact and easy to operate which will allow you to balance wheels accurately time and time again ensuring you a fast and reliable offering.



The HAUVREX HW9000 dynamic wheel balancer is a perfect choice for a small tyre shop or maybe you need a secondary balancer for those busy days and is also suited in vehicle repair workshops as statistics have proven that keeping tyre repairs in house has become a very lucrative business. This model handles rims up to a 24” diameter giving highly accurate measurements.

This is a compact yet tough balancer that will give you guaranteed vibration free wheels every time. It comes with all the attachments you need to work on various rim sizes and to minimize the risk of damaging expensive wheels. The simplified controls and easy to read LCD display help the operator to carry out all functions with ease.


Electronic dynamic wheel balancer for passenger, Light commercial and motorcycle wheels

Integrated LCD panel with simplified controls

Manual data entry for distance and diameter measurements

Automatic breaking of the wheel after measurements have been received

Easy Wheel locking design with a 36mm shaft and quality quick release nut

Self-calibration and diagnostic programs

Wheel dimensions displayed in inches and millimeters

Indication of imbalance in grams or ounces

Dynamic, Static and Alu modes

Optimization mode for rim and tyre placement to save on weights

Tech Specs

Max Tyre Diameter: 1000mm

Rim Diameter 10”-24”

Rim Width 1.5” to 16”

Spinning Speed 200 rpm

Max Tyre weight: 70KG

Balancing Accuracy: +/- 1.6g

Power supply: 220V

Motor Power: 0.25KW

What’s in the box:

Rim width caliper

Quick release nut

Wheel weight pliers

100g Calibration weight

Pressure Cup with rubber protector

Cone spring


Hauvrex HW 9000

HW9000 Manual