Hauvrex HTL2640 PRO

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Hauvrex HTL2640 PRO

4.0 Ton Two-Post Lift with Base

HAUVREX new premium Quick and Go series lifts revolutionises the way we see and use lifting equipment incorporating all the high tech safety and time saving features giving you the best possible equipment to cater for the modern and expensive vehicles demanding needs and requirements

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Hauvrex HTL2640 PRO

Control buttons have moved to side of control box for ease of use and better serviceability and access to the inner electronics without wires attached to the service cover

Emergency stop button in case of any emergency action needed while in use

Electronically controlled raising and lowering of the lift with electronic locking reduces time and effort resulting in faster operation times and convenience

Our control boxes are dual voltage compliant so changing between 3 phase and single phase is as simple as just changing the motor

The lifts are pre caballed to save installation time by up to one hour to have you up and ready to operate in less time

DLF is a direct lowering feature which allows you to simply press a button and the lift will instantly lower into the position you require. An especially useful feature when using vertical stands and gearbox jacks giving the user precise control of where he wants to position the lift.

The lowest lifting arms available on the market for the ever-increasing amount of low vehicles and sports cars as well as SUV’s with side steps. The design allows easy positioning of the arms and eliminates the risk of damaging side sills and the underbody when lifting.

Set of height adapters as standard for use on SUV’s and high under carriage vehicles accompanied with the low arms makes for the perfect setup on the market

The 3 stage arms are designed to reach pick up points that other arms on the market struggle to achieve and give better stable positioning when lifting

Roller bearings on the lower pulley pin as a separate unit resulting in extended life of the pulleys and pins and increased safety. The bearing reduces the friction wear seen on traditional lifts where the pin is welded to the post and wears over a period of years resulting in cars falling or been damaged and the post been unrepairable

Other cool features are stronger foot protectors that wont bend or break and thicker base plate cover to protect the hydraulic and safety cables

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Hauvrex HTL2640 PRO