Hauvrex HTL 3140

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Hauvrex HTL 3140

4.0 Ton Clear Floor Two-Post Lift

HTL 3140 two-post lifts have a Base-free design for easier positioning of the vehicle as there are no obstructions when driving the vehicle or simply pushing a vehicle into position. This lift has been specially selected by us as it’s proved to be a very popular choice in the motor industry by customers and meets all the requirements needed to get the job done precisely and safely. Hauvrex two-post lifts deliver on our promise of superior performance with our 3-2-1 Year warranty.

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The HTL 3140 two-post lift is structurally designed for the use in any environment with the required height needed. If it’s in a Panel shop where you may need to push the car into position effortlessly or maybe in a tuning shop to work on Race cars that cannot drive over a centre platform, this is the lift for you. With a Powerful 2.2KW motor and Dual synchro safety cables for stability. this lift reaches the international safety standards. Minimal maintenance needed compared to conventional screw type lifts. Increase your turn around time and professionalism by introducing this model to your workshop.


Telescopic screw pads

The HTL 3140 two-post lift is equipped with telescoping screw pads. These pads are durable and resistant to tearing and gouging.

Two stage telescoping front arms and two-stage rear arms

Multi-stage arms enable you to reach the required safe lifting points on the vehicle. They precisely reach OEM-recommended lift points to accommodate wide and narrow wheelbases.

Automatic arm restraints

The HTL 3140 two-post lift features an automatic engage and disengage arm restrain system that engages when the lift is raised and disengages when it lowers.

Dual-point safety release

The HTL 3140 utilizes a double unlocking mechanism which is safer and has less chance of failure from its simplistic design.

Industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders

A single-piece, machined steel piston is used in the hydraulic cylinder and uses high grade pressure piston seals and guides that prevent fluid from leaking over the piston. The chrome piston rod is expertly polished to support a longer cylinder lifespan.

Key features

Dual Side manual lock release system

Power supply with hydraulic pump

Push button to raise and lowering valve handle

Asymmetric 2 stage lifting arms

Padded overhead safety shutoff bar

Drop in type threaded lifting arm pads

Automatic arm locking during raising and automatically unlocks when lowered

Safety locks with automatic engagement and dual side manual lock release

C-Type enclosed arm holder gives added strength and safety

Safety locks on the column every 80mm

Rubber Door protection on carriages

Dual hydraulic cylinders

Plated arm restraints and arm pins for rust prevention

Heavy duty equalizer cables

Tech Specs

Lifting Capacity4000kg
Min. Height110mm
Max. Lifting Height1900mm
Overall Height3674mm
Overall Width3384mm
Width between Posts2760mm
Short Arm Length685~1100mm
Long Arm Length845~1330mm
Lifting/Lowering Time55Sec./45Sec.
Motor Power2.2kW
Power Supply220V/50Hz/1Ph-380V/50Hz/3Ph


Hauvrex HTL3140

HTL3140 Manual