Hauvrex HPL4036HL

R50,225.40 EX VAT

Hauvrex HPL4036 3600Kg parking lift ideal for double parking storage of vehicles.

3.6 Ton Parking Lift

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♦ Single point manual release
♦ Adjustable platform to accommodate different vehicle tracks and optimized access to vehicle underside.
♦ Complete with front housing for turning plates and rear slip plates for total wheel alignment.
♦ Mechanical safety latch every 80mm in each post
♦ Drop speed control in case of hydraulic hose fracture.
♦ Relief valve to prevent overloading.
♦ Immediate triggering safety stud devices in the event a cable slackens or fails.
♦ Front and rear positioning wheel stop
♦ 24V low-voltage controls.

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