Hauvrex HC 8520

R31,470.60 EX VAT

The 8520 Tyre changer has everything you need to work on low profile or large tyres safely and easily. Even tricky MAG wheels are no problem at all. With the easy controls and professional design there is no need to manually adjust demount tool heads or call for assistance. Its all pneumatic controlled and The assist arm helps change all passenger car tyres up to 24”.



HAUVREX uses premium moving parts in our tyre changers like quality bearings guides and seals to ensure less wear and tear like durable rubber bump-stops allowing a safe return during tilt-back operations to ensure long life of the tyre changer

A pneumatic tilt back arm design saves you time and is essential for larger rims as it gives more clearance and easier removal and setting of tyres.

The bead-breaker design offers fast and precise bead-breaker speeds in both directions. It has a stainless-steel cylinder so no chance of moisture contamination and corrosion. The blade also has a multi axis design for precise settings that help accommodate a larger variety of tire and wheel combinations

A powerful 1.5KW electric motor drives the turntable in dual directions for quicker removal  and installation operations

The Assist arm equipped with multiple attachments is designed to tackle stubborn sidewalls and help with setting the bead on tyres. A single bead lifting disc can be used to release stubborn lower beads. The roller arm helps keep top beads in place during the removal and installation of tough sidewall tyres. The various attachments on the helper arm are there to drastically reduce time and manpower as well as to minimize damage to expensive tyres and rims.

Without an assist arm, it would take two mechanics to change a low-profile tyre. It adds a little to the cost of the machine, but it’s a massive time-saver. The assist arm is pneumatically operated, it locks in place when you release the controls and applies pressure without damaging the tyre or rim. A specially designed press lets the tyre rotate with the movement of the turntable. The clamp helps unseat the bead while it rotates the tyre.

Without a help assist arm, you’ll find yourself fighting stubborn beads and damaging expensive tyres and valuable rims which wastes time and eats into your profits. Don’t make this costly mistake.


Stainless Steel demount tool with interchangeable plastic inserts to protect rims

Fixed Tyre inflation bay with inflation tube, pressure gauge and pressure release button

Premium pressure regulator with water trap and lubricator

Powerful bead breaker with 2700KG of breaking force

Removable pedal assembly for easy servicing

Simultaneously lock both horizontal and vertical head arms pneumatically in the ideal working position

Pneumatic tilting arm

Plastic rim protection kit comes standard


DP20 Helper arm Functions

Rotating arm with bead pressing device for drop centre rims, to assist with fitting and removing of difficult tyres

Rim pressing cone for assistance when clamping wheels

Tyre raising disc to aid in the removal of tyres

Mid position roller arm helps to loosen the bead on the tyre before removing

Key Features

Rim Clamping Outside: 12″-24″

Rim Clamping Inside:  10″-22″

Max. Wheel Diameter: 1040mm

Max. Wheel Width: 3″-15″

Bead breaking Force: 2700kg

Operation Pressure: 8-10 bar

Motor Power: 1.5kW

Power Supply: 220V/50Hz/1Ph

Packing List

Tyre changer

Help arm assistantant

Tyre lube container

Lube Brush

Bead Breaker Rim Protector

Demount tool plastic inserts

Claw protectors for mag wheels

Tyre lever


Hauvrex HC 8520

HC8520 Manual