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We offer a high calibre of equipment related services, all our work is guaranteed and complies with industry standards.

  • Equipment Rentals

    You rely on equipment and technology every day to operate and grow your business. The value of those products comes from using them not owning them. Leasing/Rental offers numerous advantages over payment methods.

    • The rental allows clients to keep their cash resources
    • No deposits are required, with predictable monthly installments
    • Fully tax deductible in the period in which they are incurred
    • VAT is paid and claimed monthly
  • Car Lift Installations

    Simply installing car lifts is dangerous, there are legal guide lines and liability. Should the lift drop a car or fall over there is liability. Using a reputable installer will keep you safe and cover you from installation liability. You also need to train your operators in daily use as a legal requirement.

    • Site Inspection
    • Load Testing
    • Operation Training Certificate
    • Daily Inspection Training
    • Log Book / Service Registry
  • Equipment Servicing

    Every user of a lifting machine shall at all times keep on his premises a register in which he shall record or cause to be recorded full particulars of any performance test and examination prescribed by sub-regulations (5) and (6) and any modification or repair to the lifting machine, and shall ensure that the register is available on request for inspection by an inspector.

    • Legal Requirements
    • Periodic Inspection
    • Annual Inspection
    • Tyre Equipment
    • Lubrication System
  • Service Plans

    We offer comprehensive service plans and extended warranties. This is a great option for our rental equipment. Keep the hassle out of the service and let us worry about details.

    • No Hassle
    • No Additional Costs
    • Maintained Equipment
    • Legal Requirements Maintained
  • Workshop Installations

    We professionally fit shops from the ground up. Things like, airline systems, Compressors and complete oil management systems with pump rooms. We are not limited to car lifts, we offer a complete installation service.

    • Dealerships
    • Tyre Fitment Centres
    • Aftermarket Repairs
    • Franchised Workshops
    • Panel Beaters
    • Automotive Related


  • Equipment Repairs

    Equipment repairs are sometimes feasible to carry out. Dependent the age of the equipment and part availability, we offer this service. We will always work with the safety of your equipment in mind and do our best to keep your equipment running at a professional level.

    • Extended Life
    • Correctly Repaired
    • Honest Assessments
    • Save Money
  • Technical Training

    Using equipment to its full potential is key to getting the most out of your investment and will help you earn the most out of the equipment. We feel technical and earning training is essential, we are well versed in both.

    • Earning Potential
    • Correct Use
    • Improve Confidence
    • Market Edge
  • Floor Planning

    Moving cars all day long can cost you hours of work over a month. The importance of floor planning is often overlooked and mistakes are made that effect the flow of work and space, that can hugely impact your workshop environment. Flow of work is important and expansion is key. We are able to make the most of your space and have insight into best floor practices.

    • Best Work Flow
    • Suitable Equipment
    • Eliminate Start/Stop
    • Better Productivity
  • Lubrication Management Systems

    Oil can be messy business and cause your workshop to be unsightly and dangerous. There is also a huge cost to this liquid gold and businesses can accrue major losses due to there being very little way to completely monitor use without a system in place. Our oil management systems deliver specified quantities of oil from bulk tanks to dispensing points, while recording accurate records of all transactions providing protection against unauthorized dispensing.

    • Email/SMS Notification of Low Product Levels
    • Real Time Tank Level Display
    • Security Access Levels
    • Accurate Dispensing
    • Save Money
  • Load Testing

    The user shall cause the whole installation and all working parts of every lifting machine to be thoroughly examined and subjected to a performance test, as prescribed by the standard to which the lifting machine was manufactured, by a person who has knowledge of the erection and maintenance of the type of lifting machine involved or similar machinery and who shall determine the serviceability of the structures, ropes, machinery and safety devices, before they are put into use following every time they are dismantled and re-erected, and thereafter at intervals not exceeding 12 months

    • Be Legal
    • Protect Users
    • Safety First


We have forged many strong relationships over the years and this has been key to our success and our long term standing in the industry. See the videos below as a testimony to our work ethics and a brief insight to our long standing customer relationships.

Riaz, Auto Electrical

We have been dealing with Darren from Equiptech for the past 10 years. We have had no problems, the service delivery was excellent so I would refer him to anybody! If you need diagnostic tools, speak to Mr. Darren from Equiptech!