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Hauvrex HFL4140E

R81,537.04 EX VAT

The Hauvrex HFL 4140E

4,0 Ton Four-Post Alignment Lift

Premium quality 4 Ton four post lift with a pneumatic locking system, integrated rear slip plates and auxiliary jack. With a runway length of 4700mm and width between posts of 3040mm, Makes this a perfect choice to use with a 3D alignment system and can accommodate everything including large SUV’s.

Autel MaxiSys MS908CV

R68,290.00 EX VAT

As a new member of Autel’s MaxiSys family, the MaxiSys MS908CV is built on the powerful MaxiSys 908 platform and provides a comprehensive diagnostic solution for virtually all commercial vehicles as well as machines made in North America, Europe and Asia. Offering advanced features and extreme ease-of-use, MaxiSys MS908CV is the ideal solution for independent repair shops, owner-operators and various sized fleets seeking a single scan tool for all their professional heavy duty needs.

Hauvrex HTL3150DD

R50,264.70 EX VAT

Hauvrex HTL3150DD

5.0 Ton Clear Floor Two-Post Lift

Two-stage elbow type arms and two-stage straight arms provide asymmetric lifting of vans and off-road vehicles. Suitable for large sprinters and over sized vehicles.

Hauvrex HTL3940S(D)

R47,970.00 EX VAT

Hauvrex HTL2460 PRO

4.0 Ton Clear Floor Two-Post Lift

Hauvrex HTL3940S(D) is a direct drive TRUE Asymmetrical lift with solenoid locks.

Hauvrex HTL 3140

R34,858.28 EX VAT

Hauvrex HTL 3140

4.0 Ton Clear Floor Two-Post Lift

HTL 3140 two-post lifts have a Base-free design for easier positioning of the vehicle as there are no obstructions when driving the vehicle or simply pushing a vehicle into position. This lift has been specially selected by us as it’s proved to be a very popular choice in the motor industry by customers and meets all the requirements needed to get the job done precisely and safely. Hauvrex two-post lifts deliver on our promise of superior performance with our 3-2-1 Year warranty.

Hauvrex HC 8520

R31,470.60 EX VAT

The 8520 Tyre changer has everything you need to work on low profile or large tyres safely and easily. Even tricky MAG wheels are no problem at all. With the easy controls and professional design there is no need to manually adjust demount tool heads or call for assistance. Its all pneumatic controlled and The assist arm helps change all passenger car tyres up to 24”.

Hauvrex HTL 2140

R30,604.00 EX VAT

Hauvrex HTL 2140

4.0 Ton Two-Post Lift with Base

Our Durable HTL 2140 two-post lifts are designed to meet all your passenger vehicle lifting requirements. Our lifts are manufactured to the highest standards yet keeping them affordable. Enabling you to work safely for many years with peace of mind you made the right decision. Hauvrex two-post lifts deliver on our promise of superior performance with our 3-2-1 Year warranty.

Launch TLT240SC

R29,500.00 EX VAT

With double hydraulic cylinders and high strength chain drive, the 4000KG load capacity two post lift TLT240SC guarantees a stable and smooth lifting and lowering. Its patented slider bracket design improves the replacing efficiency.

As the first priority, safety has been considered from design to manufacture. TLT240SC is equipped with bilateral manual safety unlocking system, 24V low voltage control box and cylinder travel limit switch. It is CE certificated.

Launch X-431 PRO3 V4.0

R29,388.00 EX VAT

The classic full-function intelligent diagnostic tool with brand-new user friendly design while delivering ultimate performance. Featuring the 1.8GHz 8-core processor and Android 9.0 operation system, the X-431 PRO3 V4.0 is an ideal solution that has everything you need for managing your repair jobs smartly and conveniently, save your time and boosts your productivity.

Launch 375pcs Mechanic Tools

R28,249.20 EX VAT

TTH-375 is a solution for the vehicle machine maintenance. It not only has a full range of general-purpose tools, but also adds special tools for popular vehicle models. TTH-375 tool cart can both meet the demands of most vehicle models and used for special vehicles

Hauvrex HW9620

R26,845.00 EX VAT

HW 9620 Fully Automatic wheel Balancer

The HW9620 is a Premium fully automatic wheel balancer with sonar technology allowing you to work efficiently with rapid results with automatic data entry to minimise the risk of operator error. This balancer has all the high-end features required for todays modern mag wheels yet will not break the bank.


Autel MaxiSys MS906TS

R25,212.00 EX VAT

The Autel MaxiSys MS906TS is a proven professional Diagnostic scan tool with an abundance of features and functions that make this tool stand out. With extensive OE level diagnostics and countless special functions making this an affordable and easy to use yet high-end Diagnostic machine.