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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you support cloned machines?

    No we don’t as these machines are not legal. We can however supply you with original equipment and offer you full local support.

  • Do you offer software upgrades?

    Yes depending on the age of the tool and the origin of equipment.

  • Do you offer repairs and spares on equipment?

    Yes we hold a range of spares and do repairs on most equipment. You will need to contact us with your details of the fault and we will advise you from here.

  • My machine has stopped working suddenly, what should I do?

    This can be for a number of reasons. Contact us and we will help pinpoint the issue. Please don’t panic and try to repair it yourself, as we have had cases where customers have made the issue far worse. We are here to assist you.

  • What happens if I lost my username and password for software upgrading equipment?

    We keep a record of these, we will just require your serial number and we will have you downloading in no time.

  • We have received great support from Equiptech. What should we do?

    Send us a short video clip of your experience with Equiptech and receive 10% off your next order.

  • My software updates have expired, what should I do now?

    We can supply you with another software update term or offer you a trade assist on an upgraded version of your current equipment.

  • I bought equipment from an opposition, is it possible for Equiptech to support my equipment?

    Depending on the issues, however charges will apply.


  • How do I know if I am being offered cloned equipment?

    Send us the serial number of the equipment; we also have a list of false suppliers and will be able to assure you if the equipment is original or not. We also beat any original equipment price so running any deals by us will not only save you from buying fake equipment but may also assure you get the best deal in town.

  • Why does Equiptech want to know my budget?

    We offer a wide range of equipment that caters for different needs and budgets. Without an accurate budget to work from; it’s impossible to match the correct equipment required.

  • How do I know what Equipment I need?

    Firstly you need to know your budget and secondly you need to know what level of functionality you need. These two will have to match up in order for us to meet your requirements.

  • What support will I get from Equiptech VS other Suppliers?

    We are OE trained in our equipment and offer years of experience. Equiptech is known for its great Support.