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Techno Vector 8 SmartLight

R840,000.00 EX VAT

Techno Vector 8 – a revolutionary new way of contactless measurement.

TechnoVector 8 SmartLight contactless wheel aligner guarantees the safety of wheel rims and provides the best operation speed: measurement of all the basic parameters is performed right after the car enters the measurement area.

** Excludes lift.

Techno Vector 7202 – 3D

R181,300.00 EX VAT

Techno Vector 3D wheel aligners are designed to take measurements and make adjustments on steerable and unsteerable axles of cars and can be installed in automotive companies, tire shops, car service stations, automotive manufacturing plants, diagnostic centers.

The wheel aligner performs measurements by observing high-precision image targets, that are placed on the vehicle. It calculates their precise positions in 3D space and using simple procedures, such as compensation and measurement, calculates all the wheel alignment angles.

** Excludes lift.

Techno Vector 6202 – 3D

R179,025.00 EX VAT

TechnoVector 6
3D Wheel Aligner With No Limits!

TechnoVector 6 FREE MOTION wheel aligner has been designed to take measurements and perform alignments on steerable and unsteerable wheels in automotive companies, car service stations, automobile manufacturing plants, and diagnostic centers.

** Excludes lift.