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LAUNCH X431 V+ HD Heavy Duty

R42,344.00 EX VAT

The LAUNCH X431 V+ HD is a full and in-depth passenger, Light and Heavy commercial Diagnostic machine. This professional setup works on over 130 passenger Vehicle manufacturers and 50 Truck manufacturers. From basic functions like Reading and clearing of Faults on all systems to programming and coding of modules and electronic sensors, this machine does it all.

Launch X431 PRO 3S

R38,600.00 EX VAT

The LAUNCH X431 PRO 3S is a larger version of the Pro version3 featuring a 10” touch screen. Some of the major differences is the ability for it to be used with the HD III Truck kit and also the LAUNCH ADAS calibration equipment. This 2020 version has an even larger memory capacity giving you even more high-end Diagnostic capabilities. This Pro 3S has the ability to operate on most passenger and light duty vehicles. In fact, it has over 130 Major Vehicle manufacturers and can access all vehicle systems with ease including Reading and clearing of Fault codes, Live data with live graph functions with recording and playback options. More high-end programming and coding functions are available including online programming for Audi and VW. The Pro 3S is a remarkable tool for a professional workshop environment.

Launch X431 HD III

R38,230.00 EX VAT

The LAUNCH X431 HD III kit is a complete Heavy-duty vehicle diagnostic kit that works with the LAUNCH Pro 3S tablet. You don’t have access to the passenger vehicles but it is an option to be purchased together with the HD kit. the software covers various advanced functions which include reading and clearing of Fault codes, Live data, Actuations and programming, Parameter changes, Injector replacement, Cylinder compression test, Injector cut out test, DPF regeneration.


Launch X431 PRO S V4.0

R26,900.00 EX VAT

This Launch X431 Pro S V4.0 is the fourth generation in the amazing LAUNCH pro series and with the success and value the previous models have given us, the new versions improvements are setting new records. The PRO V4.0 sticks to the similarities of the older models with all new features in design, hardware and software! It has full diagnostic capabilities with Intelligent diagnostics, it’s the first in the industry to use this technology. A massive and unmatched 3-years online updates are included. This tool is designed for beginners to experts in any diagnostic field as it is extremely versatile and easy to use to suit all your needs.

Launch X431 PRO Mini V3.0

R15,970.00 EX VAT

The Launch X431 Pro Mini V3 is the 2020 version of the Pro Mini X431 Series. The unit boasts more features and functions and in depth diagnostic testing and vehicle coverage. The Pro S Mini V3 has the largest vehicle database in its class.

Launch BST 860 Battery Tester

R3,980.00 EX VAT

The BST 860 is a Handheld Battery tester that can accurately test multiple types of batteries in seconds. It has a built-in thermal printer and can print charging, starting, Ripple and Voltage reports. It is essential for effectively testing batteries.

Launch OBD Extension Cable

R811.00 EX VAT

The Launch OBD Extension Cable is used to protect the Bluetooth diagnostic connector and allowing easier use in connecting to hard to reach OBD plugs.