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Hauvrex HFL4140E

R92,194.56 EX VAT

The Hauvrex HFL 4140E

4,0 Ton Four-Post Alignment Lift

Premium quality 4 Ton four post lift with a pneumatic locking system, integrated rear slip plates and auxiliary jack. With a runway length of 4700mm and width between posts of 3040mm, Makes this a perfect choice to use with a 3D alignment system and can accommodate everything including large SUV’s.

Hauvrex HTL3460(T)

R64,119.72 EX VAT

Hauvrex HTL3460(T)

6.0 TON Clear Floor Two-Post Lift

HAUVREX new premium Quick and Go series lifts revolutionises the way we see and use lifting equipment incorporating all the high tech safety and time saving features giving you the best possible equipment to cater for the modern and expensive vehicles demanding needs and requirements

Hauvrex HW9820

R45,347.40 EX VAT

The HW9820 is a Professional fully automatic wheel balancer with features which include a large LCD screen with easy navigational controls, Sonar measuring technology for automatic data entry. A Pneumatic rim clamping device comes standard for faster more precise clamping and eliminates over tightening of the lock nut, costly mistakes and wear and tear from miss use. This HAUVREX Wheel Balancer is designed to tackle any job in the busiest shops

Hauvrex HTL 3140

R43,879.62 EX VAT

Hauvrex HTL 3140

4.0 Ton Clear Floor Two-Post Lift

HTL 3140 two-post lifts have a Base-free design for easier positioning of the vehicle as there are no obstructions when driving the vehicle or simply pushing a vehicle into position. This lift has been specially selected by us as it’s proved to be a very popular choice in the motor industry by customers and meets all the requirements needed to get the job done precisely and safely. Hauvrex two-post lifts deliver on our promise of superior performance with our 3-2-1 Year warranty.

Hauvrex HTL 2140

R42,771.90 EX VAT

Hauvrex HTL 2140

4.0 Ton Two-Post Lift with Base

Our Durable HTL 2140 two-post lifts are designed to meet all your passenger vehicle lifting requirements. Our lifts are manufactured to the highest standards yet keeping them affordable. Enabling you to work safely for many years with peace of mind you made the right decision. Hauvrex two-post lifts deliver on our promise of superior performance with our 3-2-1 Year warranty.

Hauvrex HC 8520

R31,470.60 EX VAT

The 8520 Tyre changer has everything you need to work on low profile or large tyres safely and easily. Even tricky MAG wheels are no problem at all. With the easy controls and professional design there is no need to manually adjust demount tool heads or call for assistance. Its all pneumatic controlled and The assist arm helps change all passenger car tyres up to 24”.

Hauvrex HW9620

R24,927.52 EX VAT

HW 9620 Fully Automatic wheel Balancer

The HW9620 is a Premium fully automatic wheel balancer with sonar technology allowing you to work efficiently with rapid results with automatic data entry to minimise the risk of operator error. This balancer has all the high-end features required for todays modern mag wheels yet will not break the bank.

Hauvrex HC8210S

R14,620.20 EX VAT

The HC 8210S is a professional semi-automatic Tyre Changer designed to be a cost-effective solution that caters for rims up to 19”. It is ideal and perfect as an entry level machine for start-up shops or as a secondary Tyre changer to work on passenger wheels as well as trailer tyres and steel rims.


R11,672.20 EX VAT

HW9000 is a cost-effective wheel balancer that is compact and easy to operate which will allow you to balance wheels accurately time and time again ensuring you a fast and reliable offering.