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Professional Diagnostic Range

When it comes to diagnosis of modern vehicles, it is essential that you have the correct equipment to carry out basic and advanced testing and programming.

Equiptech offers proven diagnostic solutions for professional technicians. We have vast experience and supply a carefully selected and tested range of equipment that is geared up towards the reputable vehicle repair industry.

Tyre Equipment

With an increasing amount of vehicles on the South African roads. The tyre industry is booming and we offer industry grade equipment that will allow you to offer these lucrative services.

We cater for full tyre shops, tyre service bays and dealerships. Our equipment is tried and tested.

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Vehicle Lifts

A good quality lift will save you time and insure that you work proficiently. We offer a range of high quality lifting equipment.

Our range is hand sourced around the professional workshop, tyre and dealership industry.

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Workshop Equipment

Our range of workshop equipment is hand selected. We have chosen not to supply an excessive range, we believe in quality over quantity. Our equipment is professionally selected.

Autel Ultra offers online dealer level programming for BMW, Merc and more

The most extensive and complete system coverage for more than 80 vehicles brands. OEM level functionality from comprehensive OBD2 diagnostic and service functions with advanced ECU coding and programing.

Fully Automatic Tyre Changer!

High end features are standard with The Hauvrex HC8610. Dual Assist Arms, Centre Hole Clamping and Pneumatic Wheel Lift.

Enabling a safer and faster working environment with reduced risk of damaging tyres and rims.

This Superior HAUVREX model is affordable, high end and reliable.


HTI Thermal Technology

Would it not be amazing to look through metal and be able to see what is going on behind the closed covers.

How invaluable would this super power be when fault finding issues on a vehicle. Lets just say it would be ridiculous to ague the endless benefits.

Thermal imagery cameras identify faulty components on vehicles, displaying heat through signatures to quickly identify issues not visible or traceable by the naked eye such as faulty catalytic converters, dead cylinders, excessive brake temperatures.

This modern technology will save you time with lighting fast fault finding!

Autologic DrivePro.

Sophisticated OE level programming and diagnostic tool designed for specialists in the industry focusing on BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar and Mini as core brands.

Dedicated repair support through Autologics highly trained technicians will open a diagnostic experience unmatched, as the combination of repair support meets diagnostic platform.


TPMS Sensor

Autels OE level dual frequency TPMS sensors will fit in 99% of vehicles. A proven alternative to costly dealer sensors.

Circuitry Tester

Perform electrical tests in seconds. An absolute must for every mechanic or auto electrician to instantly pinpoint electrical faults


Clearly view components to instantly identify any issues which would normally take hours of unnecessary stripping. Save your time and get a video scope

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The Autel ADAS!

Advanced Driver Assistance System, calibration tool used to calibrate and program radar, camera and distance sensors of today’s vehicles.

As this is a rapidly growing sector, It is a necessary setup for Panel Shops, Tyre shops etc as these items need to be reprogrammed after an accident or if the related parts have been replaced or repaired.