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Launch BST-760

R10,500.00 EX VAT

The Battery System Tester – 760 by Launch Tech uses the worlds most advanced conductance testing technology, this is the most advance battery testing technology in the world. The BTS 760 by Launch can measure battery health accurately  via cold cranking current this method gives a very accurate sate of battery health.. The system allows you to effectively and accrual measure the actual cold cranking current capability to assess the health status of the battery being tested. The BTS-760 battery tester is able to simply test the car battery charging system alternator and starter.

professional Service Lamp Reset deviceOut Of Stock


R3,950.00 EX VAT

The Launch Cresetter II is an affordable OBD 2 diagnostic tool, which is a suitable resetting device for Steering angle sensor, Oil Service and Brake Light – 16 pin OBDII Connector


Launch X431 PRO 3S

R29,990.00 EX VAT

LAUNCH X431 PRO 3S with optional HD module has similar specs to its brother X431 PRO, it has more features, faster, more memory, better battery life, and has an option to support heavy duty vehicles. Some of the features include wide vehicle function, quick testing, VIN scanning, online repair resourcing, one-click updates and an abundance of special functions. The Launch X431 3S includes golo business manager which integrates instant messaging and remote diagnosis, which is a new feature released on this tool.

Launch X431 PRO S

R22,800.00 EX VAT

LAUNCH X431 PRO S Diagnostic scan tool for multi brand 12V light vehicles is the Latest Generation of Launch Tech Diagnostic Scan Tools for multi-brand 12v light and commercial and passenger vehicles. This tool is well equipped to do diagnostic testing of vehicle systems, from basic to advanced diagnosis – Ranging from old type obd1 systems to the latest CANBUS OBD2 vehicle systems. This scan tool boasts basic to advanced diagnostic testing and coding on systems such as: Engine, Gearbox (A/T), ABS, SRS (Airbags), Comfort Systems, AirCon Systems, CANBUS Systems, Immobilizer and many more.

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